My Dear
Written by Dewey Bunnell, ©1983
Found on Your Move, Premium Gold Collection, Centenary Collection, and Highway.

Here in the dawn
As I walk through this dream
As I have done since ages now gone
Shall I read you the letter
They sent postmarked from somewhere out here
It's in Latin, I think, I don't know
Can you help me, my dear
Please, can you help me, my dear

Near to their bed (they never sleep)
They sit sipping their tea, watch the sea
Move the sand through their heads (sit in their chairs by the bay)
Did I show you the marks on the wall
Left by captains now dead (house out on the cove)
They fell fighting for peace in their lives
Or so it is said (still nobody seems to be here)
Please, can you help me, my dear
Please, can you help me, my dear

You can't miss it
A blue forest on a green sky
You must risk it
Don't ignore us if you want us to
If we want us to survive

Where will I be (can't you help me to find my way)
After watching them walking the pier
At the mouth of the sea (I've been lost for so long)
They're in love with the news
And don't show if they're living in fear (still nobody seems to be here)
They eat ice cream alone
Watch the waves at the end of the pier (ah, nobody seems to hear)
Please, can you help me, my dear
Please, can you help me, my dear

This song was transcribed by Steve Lowry and may contain errors (it was very difficult to make out many of the words). If you are aware of corrections that need to be made, please e-mail them to Steve so that he can make the corrections. Thanks!

Highway Highlight (from the box set booklet)
Bunnell's "My Dear" is probably Your Move's most intriguing tune, matching an ominous, stalking rhythm with a spooky lyric scenario. "I'd put it in the same category as 'Cornwall Blank,'" says Dewey. "[It deals with] the overwhelming confusion of life, though my own life was stable right then. It's more of a word-picture thing, a little bit of an angry kind of a song. The track and the overdubs are kind of waxing back towards a psychedelic '60s sound. I played a little electric guitar on that."

Last Revised: 6 January 2007