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30 Years of America

Rhino 2000

Disc 1
A Horse With No Name
I Need You
Rainy Day
Three Roses
Everyone I Meet Is From California
Ventura Highway
To Each His Own
Don't Cross the River
Cornwall Blank
Only In Your Heart
Saturn Nights
Hat Trick
Molten Love
It's Life
Submarine Ladies (unedited, alternate mix)

Disc 2
Muskrat Love
Green Monkey
She's Gonna Let You Down (single edit)
Rainbow Song
Tin Man
Another Try
Lonely People
Baby It's Up to You
Old Man Took
Simple Life
Sister Golden Hair
Daisy Jane
Woman Tonight
Who Loves You (alternate mix)
Lovely Night
Amber Cascades
Can't You See
Watership Down (alternate mix)
Letter (alternate mix)
Today's The Day
Are You There
God Of The Sun
Sergeant Darkness

Disc 3
California Dreamin'
All My Life
Only Game In Town
The Last Unicorn
You Can Do Magic
Inspector Mills
My Dear
The Border
She's A Runaway
(Can't Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby
Special Girl
Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)
Young Moon
Mitchum Junction (demo)
Satan (demo)
Ventura Highway (demo)
James Holladay (demo)
Riverside (demo)

Here's the press release that went out on May 25, 2000. You can also click here to read the complete track information.

Highway: 30 Years Of America Due July 18
From Warner Archives/Rhino; Tour Kicks Off July 1

LOS ANGELES -- On July 18 Warner Archives/Rhino will release HIGHWAY: 30 YEARS OF AMERICA, the first comprehensive collection by the folk-rock group whose songs evoke images of restlessness, freedom, and the wandering spirit. America soared to the top of the charts in the early '70s and continues to record and tour to this day. Their new tour in support of HIGHWAY kicks off on July 1.

Spanning three decades and nearly all of America's 23 albums, HIGHWAY contains 64 tracks in a three-CD boxed set that features the classic rock staples "A Horse With No Name," "Sister Golden Hair," and "Ventura Highway." HIGHWAY also reveals the depth of America's songwriting style with demos and rarities from the prestigious Warner Bros. Records vaults. This definitive collection will be available at all music retail outlets or via with a suggested retail price of $49.98.

The liner notes include an extensive interview with founding members Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, and Dan Peek. Fans will rediscover America's history, including tidbits such as a stand-up comedian named Jay Leno used to open for the band, and wrestler-turned-politician Jesse Ventura invited them to play at his Governor's inaugural. In fact, America was one of the first bands that producer Sir George Martin worked with after the Beatles' breakup. "Tin Man," "Another Try," and "Lonely People" are among the Martin-produced tracks included on HIGHWAY: 30 YEARS OF AMERICA.

Just like its namesake, America's story begins in the United Kingdom. Military brats Beckley, Bunnell, and Peek, attended the same high school in London, where their fathers were stationed. They graduated in 1969 and by then had seen legendary performances by Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Coming of age in '60s London left an indelible mark on the young music fans, who went on to achieve international success themselves less than two years later. Though Peek left the group in 1977 due to personal reasons, Beckley and Bunnell have carried on as a duo for more than 22 years.


* A young stand-up comedian named Jay Leno used to open for America.

* The Beach Boys' Carl Wilson and Bruce Johnston sang backing vocals on "Hat Trick," the title track of America's third studio album. In 1998 Wilson sang backup on America's Human Nature album. It was one of his last sessions.

* America won a Grammy in 1973 (for Best New Artist of 1972).

* When Beatles' producer Sir George Martin met with America for the first time prior to producing their albums, he took off his shoes. "We thought that was a wonderful gesture for some reason." Beatles' engineer Geoff Emerick engineered all of America's Martin-produced albums.

* Backstage during an America/Jackson Browne tour, Browne revised a line in "Sister Golden Hair." Beckley originally wrote, "Will you meet me in VA?" Browne suggested, "meet me in the middle."

* Joe Walsh played guitar on America's "Green Monkey" track before he was in The Eagles. The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmit also worked with America in the studio as did their associate and friend J.D. Souther on several projects.

* Hal Blaine has played on more hit records than any other drummer in the rock era. A Y2K Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, the sideman played on America's 1972 album, Homecoming, which featured the hit single "Ventura Highway" as well as the Hat Trick album.

* America introduced synthesizers into their sound by way of two musicians who happened to stop by after wrapping up work with Stevie Wonder on his Innervisions album. The legendary Motown artist was recording next door to America during their Homecoming sessions.

* Harry Nilsson, Andy Williams, and Johnny Mathis are among the artists who have re-recorded America's "I Need You," which was a hit single for the band in 1972. The song remains Gerry Beckley's most-covered song to date.

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