America In Concert Museum: Miscellaneous Room
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Welcome to the miscellaneous room. Click on the thumbnail photos below to see a larger version of the picture.

The official America In Concert bumper sticker.

The travel case - ready to go around the world.

The sign created for the Alibi tour.

The guitars checked in and separated by yellow tape, ready for a trip to LAX for an America concert. Some shows America transports by it's own crew, other shows, the equipment goes by air.

Gary Bickmore's prized belt buckle.

"Hourglass" poster on Barb and Gary Bickmore's wall.

America poster on Barb and Gary Bickmore's wall.

America poster on Barb and Gary Bickmore's wall.

Poster advertising the Wurlitzer Americana jukebox with a very prophetic slogan.

The Wurlitzer Americana jukebox series I.

The Wurlitzer Americana jukebox series II

The Wurlitzer Americana jukebox series III

The Oxygen foto used to advertise the Key Club show.

The Sunset Blvd. sign where the Key Club is at Sunset and Doheny.

1974 TV Guide clip showing ABC's "Wide World In Concert" listing when America played.

Carl Wilson memorial CD titled Long Promised Road.

Robert Lamm In My Head coupon and brochure featuring Gerry Beckley.

Original promotional button issued by Warner Brothers in 1972. Measures 3" in diameter.

Newsletter published by Guillermo Albelo after 1999 Madrid concert.

Gerry's "actual" mic cover given to a 10 year old boy by one of the stage hands at the 2000 OP Sail concert in New London, CT.

Gerry's amp ready to travel.

Ad from the May 13, 1972 copy of Billboard magazine.

1980 ad for the "Alibi" album.

1979 Billboard ad with Sir George Martin wearing an America t-shirt.

Promo ad for the first album taken from an English music magazine in January 1972.

1973 America concert poster from Eastern Michigan University.

Promo poster for Your Move.

April 1972 "Rock" magazine cover with America.

Deering banjo advertisement featuring Gerry.

2.5" America promo tab circa 1972.

Cover of July 3, 1983 Italian music magazine called "Ciao 2001".

1977 America Harbor promo ad.

1973 America Homecoming promo ad.

September 1980 German poster announcing Alibi (Lang lebe America means long live America).

February 1972 English ad announcing America concert (& Judee Sill).

1974 NY America/Beach Boys/etc. concert program cover.

Homecoming UK trade advertisement.

Warner Brothers photo/poster from the 70's.

1979 Central Park concert promo button.

Arco Arena poster circa 1986.

1983 article from French version of Rock & Folk music magazine announcing release of 13th album (Your Move).

1985 poster advertising several concerts in France.

1976 Ovation guitars promo/ad featuring America.

1975 issue of Song Hits of the Super 70's magazine with America on the cover.

1977 Billboard ad for America Live album.

Poster from August 26, 1972 Australian TV Week magazine.

Poster of Gerry and Dewey from 1982 Italian music magazine.

Poster of entire band from 1982 Italian music magazine.

Concert poster from April 2, 1977 concert at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.

1975 America/George Martin promo ad.

1972 BILLBOARD magazine record industry trade article.

January 1979 Cash Box page with photo of America and Jackson Browne.

1975 America-Poco England Tour Poster.

Highly sophisticated guitar tuner.

Story Of A Teenager movie poster.

Autographed magazine article photo.

Poster for canceled March 6, 2004 concert in France.

Chicago WLS radio Summer of Stars 1975 concert list.

June 21, 1975 WCFL radio (Chicago) survey with Sister Golden Hair as #1.

June 28, 1975 WCFL radio (Chicago) survey with Sister Golden Hair as #1.

June 21, 1975 WLS radio (Chicago) survey with Sister Golden Hair as #1.

Poster for canceled Gerry Beckley concert December 13, 2005.

May 27, 1972 Australia's GoSet National Top 40 with A Horse With No Name as #1.

May 27, 1972 Australia's GoSet Top 20 albums with America as #5.

Poster for America's New South Wales shows published in June 27, 2010 Sunday Telegraph.

Poster for America's Hope Estate show on November 6, 2010.

Joe Bartosch's concert t-shirts made into a quilt by

Drawing of Dan, Gerry, and Dewey by Juan Manuel Escrihuela of Barcelona, Spain.

Poster for America's Australia shows in September 2012.

Kevin Alton's belt buckle and key chain. They were used on the cover of the Live From Mexico DVD and they actually cam to him from Mexico a few years before the DVD was released.

Rich Snyder's Indiana University of Pennsylvania yearbook page about an America concert.

Malcolm Smith's newspaper clipping about the free concert at The Marquee on Wardour Street in London on 21 October 1971.

Front cover of the 31 July 1983 Italian magazine Ciao 2001 with America on the cover.

Last Revised: 30 June 2023