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The Very Best
Of America

Gibson 1990

Inspector Mills
She's A Runaway
Sister Golden Hair
My Kinda Woman
Only In Your Heart
Ventura Highway
Don't Cross the River
Tin Man
Lonely People
The Border
Desperate Love
Cast The Spirit
A Horse With No Name
I Need You
Daisy Jane
Muskrat Love
You Girl
Right Back To Me
We Got All Night
Woman Tonight
Your Move
You Can Do Magic

This album may be an Asian bootleg and not an official release. It was purchased by an America fan who got it from a guy who got it in the Middle East during Desert Storm. It is a compilation of songs from America, Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, Silent Letter, Alibi, View From The Ground, Your Move, and Perspective. It contains no new material.

Last Revised: 16 February 2020