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Like A Brother
Transparent Music 2000

Feel The Spirit
I Wish For You
Run Don't Walk
Watching The Time Go By
Life In Motion
Sheltering Sky
They're Only Words
Without Her
Like A Brother
Import CD Bonus Tracks
Standing At Your Door
Blue After All
In The Dark

Title Author Lead Vocal
Today John Waite/Phil Galdston Carl Wilson
Feel The Spirit Robert Lamm/Peter Wolf/Phil Galdston Robert Lamm
I Wish For You Carl Wilson/Robert White Johnson/Phil Galdston Carl Wilson
Run Don't Walk Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston Carl Wilson
Watching The Time Go By Gerry Beckley Gerry Beckley with Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson
Life In Motion Robert Lamm/Gerard McMahon Robert Lamm
Sheltering Sky Gerry Beckley Gerry Beckley with Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson
They're Only Words Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston Carl Wilson
Without Her Harry Nilsson Gerry Beckley
Like A Brother Carl Wilson/Phil Galdston Carl Wilson
Standing At Your Door Robert Lamm/John Van Eps Robert Lamm
Blue After All Robert Lamm/Bruce Gaitsch Robert Lamm
In The Dark Gerry Beckley/Phil Galdston Gerry Beckley

Below is a copy of the promotional text that was sent out by Transparent Music. You can also click here to read a fantastic article that was written by Chuck Taylor. The CD is available for purchase at

Long before the term "supergroup" was coined, Gerry Beckley, Robert Lamm and Carl Wilson were hard at work defining it. As founding members of three of the most significant and successful pop/rock bands in history -- America, Chicago, and the Beach Boys, respectively -- Beckley, Lamm and Wilson toured the world, sold millions of records, and helped write and record some of popular music's most enduring classics. In the process, a lifelong friendship was formed.

Like A Brother is the result of that friendship and the stellar culmination of the trio's on-and-off collaboration. Produced and co-written by renowned songwriter Phil Galdston, this 10-song collection of original tunes (which took on a heartbreaking irony with the untimely death of Carl Wilson in 1998) features Beckley, Lamm and Wilson at their finest. The songs, which range from reflective ("Watching the Time") to spiritual ("Feel the Spirit") to poignant ("Like a Brother") to heart-rending ("I Wish For You"), feature the compelling lyrics, musical virtuosity and pristine harmonies that have kept these superstars at the top of the charts for more than three decades.

Because of the grueling touring and recording schedules of America, Chicago and the Beach Boys, it was difficult for Beckley, Lamm and Wilson to find concentrated studio time together. Still, the chemistry between them was too magical to let go. So the three wrote and recorded together when their schedules permitted. "Hanging out was so much fun," recalls Lamm, "that, between all the laughing, it took eight years [to record the album]." The project was born of love and friendship and, despite the poignancy lent to the record by Carl's death, says Gerry Beckley, "I hope listeners will hear the incredible amount of joy we felt in the making of this record."

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