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Rhino 2001

Ventura Highway
To Each His Own
Don't Cross the River
Moon Song
Only In Your Heart
Till the Sun Comes Up Again
Cornwall Blank
Head and Heart
California Revisited
Saturn Nights
Bonus Audio Interviews
Homecoming... The Sophomore Album
All Star Rhythm Section
In The Studio
The Democratic Process Of Song Selection
The Story Of The Album Cover

Here's what Rhino had to say about this DVD-Audio reissue.

America's Classic Second Album in Spectacular Surround Sound, Plus a Bonus Audio Interview With Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley.

DVD-Audio Edition Facts:

  • Presents the original 10-song album in it's entirety in Advanced Resolution Surround Mixes in both 6-channel and stereo.
  • Surround sound version remixed from the original master tapes. The stereo mix has been remastered at 192k, the highest resolution currently possible.
  • Includes exclusive audio interview with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell about the making of Homecoming.
  • Photo gallery contains many previously unseen photographs.
  • Surround sound remix produced by Grammy-winning engineer Elliot Scheiner.

Last Revised: 16 February 2020