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Hits You Remember Live
Madacy Records 2001

Tin Man
Ventura Highway
I Need You
California Dreamin'
Daisy Jane
Never Be Lonely
You Can Do Magic
Sister Golden Hair
Horse With No Name

This album is a reissue of the 2000 release which was titled Live. It is a recompilation of ten live tracks from the 1995 America In Concert (King Biscuit Flower Hour) album. It contains no new material.

Here's an amazing tidbit about the CD as discovered by John Corbett. On the original King Biscuit album, recorded in 1982, track six, "I Need You", precedes "Inspector Mills". Gerry can be heard saying before the latter song, "We're going to do a few more from the new album, the View From The Ground album." On this edited live reissue, "I Need You" now becomes track three before "California Dreamin'". You can still hear Gerry utter the first part of the line, with the View From The Ground phrase barely an audible mumble as it is faded out. Any America fan knows that "California Dreamin'" is not on any America album from the '70s or '80s. Such is the magic of dubbing -- and what happens when a CD is rushed out to market without great care.

Last Revised: 16 February 2020