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Warner 1972

Ventura Highway
To Each His Own
Don't Cross the River
Moon Song
Only In Your Heart
Till the Sun Comes Up Again
Cornwall Blank
Head and Heart
California Revisited
Saturn Nights

This album reached #9 in December of 1972. It eventually went Platinum. Four singles were released:

  • Ventura Highway / Saturn Nights (reached #8 in December of 1972)
  • Don't Cross The River / To Each His Own (reached #35 in March of 1973)
  • Don't Cross The River / Till The Sun Comes Up Again
  • Only In Your Heart / Moon Song (reached #62 in May of 1973)
  • This album helped America win a Grammy in 1973 for the best new group of 1972. They also received a Grammy nomination for best performance by a group/duo.

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