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America's Gold
Sessions 1981

Side 1
A Horse With No Name
I Need You
Ventura Highway
Baby It's Up to You
Cornwall Blank
Today's The Day
Sister Golden Hair
Side 2
Muskrat Love
Tin Man
Lonely People
Daisy Jane
Donkey Jaw
Don't Cross the River
California Revisited

The America's Gold LP was manufactured for Sessions by Warner Special Products. It is a compilation of songs from America, Homecoming, Hat Trick, Holiday, Hearts, and Hideaway. It contains no new material. Click here to listen to the Sessions radio commercial for this album.

The back cover is an advertisement for 70's Gold, Three Dog Night, and The Rolling Stones special LP's. This was never made on CD, so it makes a perfect collectors item.

Last Revised: 2 February 2023