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The Last Unicorn
GEMA 2001

Disc 1
The Last Unicorn
Hideaway Part I
Who Loves You
Watership Down ()
Muskrat Love
Woman Tonight
Catch That Train
I Don't Believe In Miracles
God Of The Sun
Sister Golden Hair
Disc 2
Hell's On Fire
Nothing's So Far Away (As Yesterday)
To Each His Own
She's A Liar
You Could've Been The One
I Do Believe In You
Everyone I Meet Is From California
She's Beside You
Tall Treasures
One In A Million

This German album is a compilation of songs from Hat Trick, Hideaway, Holiday, Hearts, Harbor, Silent Letter, Alibi, Your Move, The Last Unicorn Soundtrack, and Encore: More Greatest Hits. It contains no new material.

You can listen to Real Audio (), Windows Media (), and MPEG sound clips of many songs from this album by following this link to the CDNOW web site: Highway-30 Years Of America.

Last Revised: 16 September 2002