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On The Road
America / Eagles Live

Phonygraph 1974

A Horse With No Name
Lonely People
I Need You
Ventura Highway
Green Monkey

Tequila Sunrise
Early Bird
Witchy Woman
Take It Easy

This album was first discovered by Mark Cole who read about it in a book that listed information about old bootleg albums. The book said it was released in 1973 under the Phonygraph label (catalog # 1101). That was a fairly well known bootleg label in the early 70s. America was on side one and the Eagles on side two, since America was more popular than the Eagles at that time.

Howard Lieboff discovered that this bootleg was taken from the ABC "Wide World In Concert" show which was televised in 1974.

In 2001 Johnny Yee got a copy of the album and shared this wealth of information:

The America/Eagles bootleg album is called "On The Road". It came in an all white sleeve with nothing written on it. The album cover is plain white with nothing written on it as well. Placed in front of the cover (between the wrapper and the cardboard cover) is a 12" x 11" photocopied piece of paper. The color of the paper insert is powder blue with black writing. There is nothing on the back of the album cover.

On this blue piece of paper, it reads: "AMERICA EAGLES". On the left side under "AMERICA", it reads:

Live in concert:

On the right under "EAGLES", it reads:

Live in concert:

In the center of this blue-colored paper insert is a drawing of the front of a convertible car on a road with its top down. On the top of the car's hood is a couple embraced in a kiss. Also on the hood is a partially filled jug. The car's right front tire is flat.

Below the drawing, it reads:

a back-to-back
concert presentation

On the bottom left is a notation that reads: "lf74.0903". Perhaps this is a date, 09/03/74.

On the bottom right is a drawing of a reel-to-reel tape recorder. On it, it reads: "PHONYGRAF Vinyl". This appears to be Phonygraf's logo.

On Side 1 of the LP is America. Although the front sheet lists only four America songs, there are actually six! They are played in this order: A Horse With No Name, Lonely People, I Need You, Ventura Highway, Green Monkey, and Sandman.

On Side 2 of the LP are the Eagles. The front sheet lists the four Eagles songs as they are played on the LP. The songs are: Tequila Sunrise, Early Bird, Witchy Woman, and Take It Easy.

The album's label is white with black lettering. On each side of the album, right of the center hole, is a drawing of a hog's head facing left. The hog is smoking either a cigar or a cigarette. It's wearing a pair of sunglasses. The hog has quite a long snout. Puffs of smoke are floating in front and above the hog's head. Circling the head are the words, "TRADE MARK OF QUALITY!"

Written on the margin of Side 1 between the last groove of the record and the label is the following: "MEL AMERICAN SIDE-1 AMERICA I 1385 TPRGL 1101-A".

The following above words are scratched out: MEL AMERICAN AMERICA I 1385

Written on the margin of Side 2 is the following: "EAGLES SIDE II MEL AMERICAN SIDE-2 1385 1105 1101-B".

The following above words are scratched out: "EAGLES SIDE II AMERICAN 1385 1105".

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