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The Best of the Beat-Club
Live: America

Pioneer 2002

Ventura Highway ()
I Need You ()
Don't Cross The River ()
Horse With No Name ()
Moon Song ()
Lonely People ()
Wind Wave ()
Rainbow Song ()
Tin Man ()
California Revisited ()
Green Monkey ()

This DVD release is a repackaging of the 1998 Best of MusikLaden: America (DVD/VHS) release. It's not a new release, just a different package. But for those of you who haven't gotten it or the Horse With No Name Video CD, it is THE BEST live America CD. It was made when they were in their prime and shows why they went to the top of the music business. It is highly recommended.

The songs on this album were performed live in 1975 for FRG (West Germany) TV. They were filmed in a local broadcasting house "Radio Bremen" and were originally shown in the United States on VH-1. Playing along with Gerry, Dewey, and Dan were Willie Leacox (percussion) and Calvin Samuels (bass). "Tin Man" has a jazzed up Dewey opening never before heard on tape. "Wind Wave" and "Rainbow Song" are live as you have not likely heard. Willie was fairly new and you may note his stern attention to the business at hand - as if the material is fairly new to him. The band was just starting to incorporate Ovation guitars into the live set, the Martins soon to be sent back to the studio. It is the only live album with all three original members of the band.

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