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Grand Cayman

America 2002

Riverside ()
Ventura Highway ()
Daisy Jane ()
Wind Wave ()
Another Try ()
Three Roses ()
I Need You ()
Baby It's Up to You ()
Pigeon Song ()
All My Life ()
Tin Man ()
To Each His Own ()
Only In Your Heart ()
Sandman ()
Sister Golden Hair ()
A Horse With No Name ()

A Presonus M80 Mic Preamplifier was used during the recording of this concert. One of the Presonus users pages describes America's use of the mic and some interesting facts about the recording process.

In order to listen to the Real Audio sound clips above, you will need to have the Real Audio player which is available free from the Real Audio web site. Real Audio sound clips are identified by the blue notes () in parentheses behind the song title. Simply click on the notes to play the song.

Last Revised: 29 May 2004