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Go Man Go
HumanNature 2000

Remix of Gerry Beckley's
First Solo Album

Van Go Gan (In Aries We Can All Breathe) ()
Goodbye Highway (The Sporty Remix) ()
I Need You ('72 Vintage Reissue) ()
House Of Cards (The Parsons Mix) ()
Van Go Gan (Oil & Water Mix) ()
What Happened? (And Then What Happened?) ()
Now Sue (What It Ain't And Is) ()
Location, Location, Location (Hollywood Hills w/Vu) ()
Sunrise Sunset (Coming Home) ()
Gliss (Just Gliss) ()
Kiss Of Life (98% Sure Remix) ()
Hard To Sleep (Insomnia Variations) ()
Van Go Gan (Ravi MacTaggart Fife & Drum Corps Mix) ()
Daisy & Di (The Bells Of Albriston) ()

This album is a remix of Gerry Beckley's original solo CD, Van Go Gan. It was remixed by Andrew Gold, Bobby Woods, Steve Levine, and Darius Zickus. There are lots of musical styles represented in the remixes.

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