Your Move
Capitol 1983

The French release of Your Move by Magic (front cover).

The French release of Your Move by Magic (inside cover).

The Capitol French Releases
Alibi, Your Move, and Perspective

The Border Music Video

The video starts with a couple of mysterious agents dropping the "Your Move" ball down a stairwell.

A cut of Dewey and Gerry singing. Note that this scene is the source of several familiar photographs in the "Highway" box set.

We see Gerry staring at someone or something with a bright glare reflected in his glasses.

We find that he has been looking at Dewey, who also seems to be anticipating something.

A cut back to Dewey and Gerry singing in an effective juxtaposition of the two.

We find out that Dewey and Gerry are standing on opposite sides of a "Your Move" table with balls arranged inside a map of the United States. At various times in the video, they are seen typing the keyboard along with the sound of the music, but apparently they are playing an obscure game of some sort. (The keyboard scenes are reminiscent of the famous "Sweet Dreams" video by the Eurythmics.)

Now Dewey has his hands on the ball, aware that he is being followed.

Dewey contemplates his next move on the "game."

Dewey is cornered by the two mysterious agents, but is able to miraculously disappear in the nick of time. Phew!

Gerry takes the ball from a disembodied hand on a table, while mouthing the lyrics.

A cut back to Dewey and Gerry singing in the lighted squares.

A close-up shot of the agents.

Dewey picks at the guitar during the acoustic solo.

A ball rolls toward and strikes the "Your Move" board as the group plays on in the background.

A neat black-and-white scene of a car racing along a California road, a lot like a scene from David Lynch's "Lost Highway."

Gerry belts out a riff while under surveillance by our agent friends.

The ball sits by a forlorn Gerry at a lonely train station.

Gerry picks up the ball and breaks into a sprint when he realizes he is being pursued. Go Gerry!

The agents manage to catch up with an overwhelmed Gerry.

Game over! Dewey faces a smoking, burnt-out table in a cartoonish-like scene.

Now at the beach, Gerry contemplates his next move.

As the video draws to a close, we see the "Your Move" board close up.

Dewey reacts to Gerry's move.

The video ends with the famous "Your Move" scene at the beach.

The music video shots were provided by John Corbett.

The BGO British Double CD Release
View From The Ground and Your Move

The Japanese Release

Italian Cassette

Single Releases

from The Netherlands

from The Netherlands

from The Netherlands

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